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August 26th, 2019

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Baker Arts Center’s Big Backyard will have lots of fun this Saturday as the center hosts its annual membership event.

As with previous membership events, Baker officials like to do something fun and different with each succeeding edition, and this year, there will be an emphasis on two- and three-wheeled rides.

“This year, we decided to do a ‘Bikes, Trikes & Motorcycles’ event,” Baker Director Toni Smith said.

As for the motorcycle part of that equation, a poker run will start at 1 p.m. Saturday with pre-registration and the run going through different area communities, such as Hugoton and Tyrone, Okla.,  through 5 p.m. It is at that time the activities at the center will officially begin.

“They will be, hopefully, a motorcycle exhibit show out in our Big Backyard,” Smith said. “We will have prizes for those categories.”

Those categories include four awards for motorcycles 2000 and newer and three awards for older rides.

“There is a $25 entry fee to put your motorcycle in the exhibit and it includes the dinner, the show and the poker run,” Smith  said. “You’re not just bringing your motorcycle to sit over here. When you enter, you’re going to get to go on the poker run. When you come back, your motorcycle will be in the show, and you will also get a free meal ticket with that.”

Additional rides, Smith said, will not be charged for families.

“The second motorcycle will not be the $25,” she said. “They can call for those prices of what the discount price would be for the second one.”

With the whole family in mind, though, bikes and tricycles will also be part of the fun, with a decorating contest for those rides.

“There’s no fee to enter there,” Smith said. “It’s K through 2nd grade class, a 3rd through 6th grade class and a 7th on up. There’ll be prizes, and we’re also going to try to do a little bit of an obstacle course for the young ones.”

Evening activities will run from 5 to 8 p.m., with the membership dinner starting at 6. The event is free to new and renewing members and $7 for non-members. Smith said membership applications are already coming back in from the mail campaign Baker conducts.

“Every day, we go to the mailbox, and they’re coming in 10, 12 a day,” she said. “We are excited. We’re happy with the memberships and hope a lot of people will join. That is part of our funding for the year. It helps with workshops and keeping our lights on and the doors open.”

Smith said members are not required to do anything to be a member, but the benefits are great.

“It is basically a support for the arts center, and there are benefits to being a member,” she said. “You get discount prices to certain events. You get newsletters. You get invitations to our events, and you get discounts to the sales gallery, discounts to the rental of the building if you want it for an event of your own. There are lots of perks to being a member besides helping the arts center stay open.”

Smith said this year’s membership event sounds like a lot of fun, and she has a high level excitement for Saturday night.

“Gary Marsh, one of our newer board members, has really been putting in a lot of effort to getting this going and has talked to some motorcycle clubs not only from the Liberal area, but from Hugoton and other areas,” she said. “We’re hoping we get quite the interest to start coming in.”

Those planning to attend Bikes, Trikes & Motorcycles do not need a ticket to come, but rather just to pay for supper if they are non-members.

Sponsors for Saturday’s membership event include National Beef, Air Gass, Myriad Machine, Ninja Steakhouse and Snyder Motorsports.

“Ninja Steakhouse has donated some prizes for us,” Smith said. “El Kan Pharmacy is going to donate. National Beef is helping with the food. Snider Motorsports, they have donated some of the prizes.”

Naturally, Smith is looking forward to what happens Saturday night.

“We’re hoping it will be a great day,” she said. “We’re hoping for no rain.”

For more information about Bikes, Trikes & Motorcycles, call Baker Arts at 620-624-2810, or go to

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