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October 19th, 2019

arkalon assault 2017 photoThis contestant in 2017’s Arkalon Assault makes her way over one of the obstacles during that year’s event. This year’s Arkalon Assault is scheduled for Saturday, June 8 at Arkalon Park. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Those looking for a chance to challenge themselves will soon have that opportunity thanks to the Liberal Parks and Recreation Department. 

Sign-ups for this year’s Arkalon Assault are currently being taken and Recreation Department Activities Supervisor Ronna Stump said she and staff are in the throes of all the preparation. 

“If you want a new experience and want to try something new, this is a great opportunity for just that, so come out and have a great time,” Recreation Department Activities Supervisor Ronna Stump said. “It’s always really fun and there are always a lot of people and it’s just overall always a great atmosphere. And people can sign up the day of the event, but it’s so much easier if you sign up ahead of time so that way all the paperwork’s already done and everything’s already ready to go for you when you get there that morning and you can just go straight to where you need to go.”

This year’s Arkalon Assault will be Saturday, June 8 at Arkalon Park. The event is for people 5 years old and older and will include an elite run at 8:30 a.m. (which Stump said is a ‘run as fast as you can’ competition). Afterward will come the main 5K event. Teams (which must have a minimum of four people) will also be able to compete this year. Registration fees for the Elite Run are $45 per person, $40 for the 5K paticipants, and the cost for the teams is $30 per person. To sign up, visit and register.

“I always look forward to it because each year we add new obstacles to the course, so I’m always amused to see the participants’ reactions to all the new parts of the course,” Stump said. “And it’s also fun just watching everyone participate, everyone comes away with one or two stories of what happened. I’m also excited to see who all signs up, and people have all the way to the morning of the event to sign up, but if they sign up after Monday the price will be somewhat higher, so go ahead and get signed up. I can’t disclose any of the actual obstacles because we like to keep them a surprise, so everyone will just have to come out and see what happens. We’ll have some of the old obstacles out there too for everyone but again, people will just have to come out and see everything for themselves.”

Stump said she and staff are excited to see how this year’s Arkalon Assault turns out. 

“This is our fifth year doing the Arkalon Assault. Each year we add new obstacles that are always a surprise for everyone, and they’re always more challenging than before, and everyone looks forward to that,” Stump said. “Ours is the best event in this area, and the numbers show that. I also love having it out at Arkalon since it’s so big and there aren’t really any restrictions to the obstacles. The t-shirts we give out are also always really cool and so are the swag bags we give out. And if you want to volunteer, we would be happy to have the help, or even if you want to just come out and watch what’s going on. And fair warning to everyone, it’s going to be a wet, dirty run. Everyone’s going to be getting in the water and mud and everyone’s going to be dirty by the end of it all. Even with all that though, everyone comes across the finish line with a big smile on their face because they’re proud they’ve finished everything. I hope it’s big again this year. Sometimes people don’t sign up until the last minute so right now it’s hard to judge how many total people we’ll have this year. But they’re starting to come in steadily right now, so I’m expecting a big number. My goal is always about 200 people for the event, so hopefully we end up around there. Lunch will also be served that day thanks to the Friends of Arkalon board, that money will go back into the park and its operation.”

Like the past few years, Stump said she hopes this year’s event will be a big one. 

“If you’re volunteering we typically meet up about 7 a.m., and if you want to just come out and watch, that’s good too. It should be another great year and we’re all excited,” Stump said. “I really hope people come out because Arkalon Park is a beautiful area and they’ll be able to see what all the talk is about instead of just hearing everyone talk about it.”

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