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August 26th, 2019

sam adamsComedian Sam Adams shares a few laughs with the crowd on hand in June 2013 for Baker Arts Center’s Backyard Blast. L&T file photo/Robert PierceELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Most comedians know from a rather early age performing comedy is the path for them. With comedian Sam Adams, however, entering the comedy scene was a bit of an unusual journey. 

“I've been doing comedy since about 2001, that was the first time I got onstage at an open mic night, so that was like 18 years ago,” Adams said with a laugh. “I'd been talking to a buddy of mine who's also in comedy and he'd told me several years before this was something I should try, but I never took him up on it because it was something I hadn't had much experience with. Then several years after that conversation I was sitting in a hotel reading magazines and there was a 'What To Do' section and one of the things was an open mic night at a spot called Charlie Goodnights in Raleigh, N.C. I called this buddy up and said to him 'Remember when you said I should try comedy?' to which he replied 'Oh, so NOW you want to do this?' and then I told him yes after some things got explained to me, and I actually still have that piece of hotel stationery I'd written some things down on. At that time I was more wanting to know what it was like to be onstage and after that first open mic, I was hooked. That was the first time I'd done comedy onstage and I'm still at it.”

Since then, Adams has been successful at other comedy festivals and performances, according to the bio on his Web site. Adams will be the entertainment at this year’ Chamber Bash Saturday, March 9. 

“In 2009 Sam entered the Great American Comedy Festival, held annually in Johnny Carson’s childhood hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska. Sam left the festival as its most unique winner still to this date,” the Web site noted. “Entered initially in the festival’s amateur division, Sam won that competition. He was asked to compete with the professionals after one of the entrants fell ill. In a field of experienced comedians with national comedy club headliner and late-night television talk show appearances on their resumes, Sam took second place. It was an impetus for him to pursue a professional career in stand-up comedy. Then in 2015 Sam was awarded’s coveted ‘Rising Star’ designation for being the site’s top-booked comedian. During the summer of 2018, the ‘True Color’ video clip from Sam’s 2017 Dry Bar Comedy special (titled ‘Incoherently True’) went viral, with more than 10 million Facebook views in less than 72 hours.”

Adams has also worked with many other well known comedians, his site noted. 

“Sam’s energetic, comically-insightful act is 100 percent profanity-free and filled with observations about his every-day encounters,” the site noted. “He is a headline performer and featured speaker at comedy clubs and corporate events across the country, and has shared stages with national-touring comedians and music recording artists — a genre-jumping list of nationally-known performers ranging from comedians Craig Ferguson, Frank Caliendo, Kevin Nealon, Josh Blue and David Alan Grier to music’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Heart and seven-time Grammy Award winner Al Jarreau.”

In all the time he has been performing, Adams said he most enjoys being in front of his audience. 

“I definitely get satisfaction from drawing laughter from my audiences. I'm definitely more introverted in my personal life so when I'm entertaining, the audience becomes my friend and they're the people I get to talk to and make laugh. I look forward to doing a set and it's always fun knowing I'll get to hang out with a whole new crowd in each different place I do my act, and that's what makes it fun,” Adams said. “I really enjoy entertaining and up until I was in my 40s, I had never done stand-up before, so comedy is a passion I hadn't really expressed before, so that's another thing that keeps me going, knowing I'll go out and make people laugh. At the beginning it was more of 'I HOPE I make people laugh' and I'm at the point now where I'm pretty confident as a comedian. And this actually isn't my first time in Liberal, I'd been there in 2013 or 2014 for an outdoor event there and that was a bit of an odd trip because my show was somewhat sparsely attended because there was so much else going on at that event that day, and then there were a few snafus at the airport I'll tell the audience about that evening at the show. But Liberal was a great town to be in and I'm excited to be coming back.”

Though this is the second time Adams has been in Liberal for a performance, this will be Adams’ first Chamber Bash performance, which he said he is excited for. 

“I'm really hoping a lot of people come to the show this time and I just hope people have a great time. I've done a lot of traveling and I hope it's one of those situations where people look forward to come and see me, “Adams said. “My main motivation is to see people again who saw me the first time. The show is definitely family-oriented so anyone who wants to bring the younger ones, they can do that because I do keep it more clean with my material. I'm really looking forward to getting back to Liberal and I think it'll be a great event for people. I treat the smaller towns the same way I do the bigger cities I perform in and I'm excited when someone wants to book me because that means they actually want me to come, so when Liberal got ahold of me to perform for the Chamber event I was so excited they wanted me back. With this show being more in my element time-wise and all that, it should be a great show for everyone and seeing everyone with the Chamber and the community gathered in front of me for laughter.”

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