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August 23rd, 2019

kids college preview photoThese Kids’ College participants prepare for a painting lesson during last year’s Kids’ College event. Registration for Kids’ College 2019 will be opening up Monday. Courtesy photoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Summer vacation is not quite upon the area, but many parents are already thinking of activities they can sign their children up for to keep them engaged during the break. 

Registration for this year’s Kids’ College will be starting Monday, and many classes and activities will be available for area youth. 

“I’m excited to see how the event goes overall and to see the process of everything as far as what works well, what we could tweak for future years, things like that, and really talk to the students and see what they’re enjoying and if they have any ideas,” Coordinator Sarah Thompson said. “I love being around children and seeing them enjoy themselves with everything they do – it’s great because you really get to see those wheels turn and see the excitement. This is a great opportunity for parents to keep their children engaged and socializing with other children during the summer. Kids’ College is also a great opportunity for children to either learn something completely new or hone a skill/interest they already have. It’s a great chance for the students to expand their minds on a certain topic or just have a lot of fun with something. A lot of the students we see like trying new stuff, so this is a great opportunity for that.”

Kids’ College 2019 will be Monday, July 15 to Thursday, July 18, and there will be two sessions each day, with the first session being from 8 to 10 a.m. and the other session being from 10:15 a.m. to noon July 18 will also be the open house for the parents and the community as well as a swim party and pizza party. 

Thompson went into more detail about the classes that will be offered. 

“We have a really good variety of classes for this year. We’ve got a lot of craft-related classes like sewing and knitting and scrapbooking and face painting, things like that,” Thompson said. “We’ll also have a baking class and a cupcake decorating class, those should be fun. Then with the more tech-minded students we’ll have a computer coding class and some similar classes. We’ll also have a chess class for students who want to learn that and we’ll also have a class that will show how to solve a rubik’s cube, which I think will be popular. We’ll also have some classes focusing more on job skills and that sort of thing. The police department will be here again this year with their ‘whodunit?’ class where they’ll get to investigate and solve a mystery and go through that process, and the fire department will also be here again to do their fire academy for those students and show them what it takes to be a firefighter. We’ll also have a lady coming in to talk about how to be a leader and what skills are needed, and she’ll also be doing a class about entrepreneurship. We’ll have more classes in the engineering and math areas that will teach stuff like how to build something from items at home, and there will also be classes on making play-dough and slime.” 

And among all of that, Thompson said there will also be several recreational classes like basketball, archery, cheer and dance, swimming and bowling. 

“Another one I think will be particularly popular for this year is the class we’ll have about juggling. We are still finalizing the full schedule, not everything’s quite fully set up,” Thompson said. “A big thanks goes to Pizza Hut for providing the pizzas for the party as well as the Liberal Area Coalition for Families for writing a grant to get us more life jackets for the swim party. We typically have around 120 to 150 students for Kids’ College, and the college doesn’t enough life jackets for what we need, so they were willing to write a grant for us, which we got, and we’re going to be able to get many more life jackets, which is exciting. A lot of our instructors for this year are USD 480 teachers and we also have a lot of new teachers for this year, so that’s also really cool.”

And for those who want to be guaranteed a spot in a Kids’ College class, Thompson advised to get signed up as soon as possible. 

“The classes fill up really fast and there is a head count limit for all of them, and there are a few instructors who may have a lower number than that limit based on what class it is,” Thompson said. “So if there’s something specific your children want to do, get them signed up quickly so they’re guaranteed a spot.”

Classes are $35 per subject. For a complete schedule, Thompson said parents can check the college’s Business & Industry  page at, or call B&I at 620-417-1171. Parents will need the registration form to be notarized, which Jennifer Farmer in the B&I office can do, and parents will also need to have a copy of their children’s health insurance in case of emergency. Parents can get the form off the Web site and print it out and take it to the B&I office or fax it to the office. Payment is also required with the form. 

Thompson said she has high expectations for this year’s event. 

“Kids’ College is really a lot of fun and they’ll have a lot of fund that week. We will have some rules in place like no bullying and basic things like that as far as safety,” Thompson said. “Overall it’s a lot of fun and I feel like everyone will enjoy themselves, so they should enjoy coming out for that week. This is also a great way for them to see the college, a lot of these students have probably never seen our campus before, so this is a great way for them to see what a college campus looks like and explore the different parts of it all. I hope they take away a little more knowledge than what they had coming in. I also hope there are a lot of new friendships made. If there are some children who are more shy, I hope this helps them come out of their shells by meeting new people. Most important though, I hope they have a lot of fun. This is our 20th year doing this and our theme for this year is ‘Supercharge Your Summer!’ With that, I hope this will be just as successful as the 19 Kids’ College events that came before it. We’re all really excited and we can’t wait.”

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