June 24th, 2019
Healthy Lifestyles

undertheknifeMany people will find themselves on a surgeon’s table at one point or another. Professional athletes who get injured frequently and, of course, surgeons may be accustomed to the surgical wings of hospitals, but the general public has no such familiarity. Perhaps due to that lack of familiarity, many people are nervous before an impending surgery. Asking the right questions prior to the procedure can calm those nerves and help people approach pending surgeries with confidence rather than fear.

christine donnelly portraitDONNELLYMeade — Artesian Valley Health System welcomes Christine Donnelly, MD, FAAFP to our team of full-time providers and to serve as Medical Director.

Dr. Donnelly obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree from Pennsylvania State University and is board certified in Family Practice. She has also been selected by the American Academy of Family Physicians as a Fellow (FAAFP).

familyfitnessThe buddy system is widely used to help men and women get in shape. Friends can encourage their workout partners to get off the couch on days when their motivation might be waning, and partners can return that favor when the roles are reversed. And the benefits of the buddy system are not exclusive to adults, as families can rely on it to make sure moms, dads and kids each get the exercise they need.

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