February 19th, 2019
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District to review energy savings

usd 480 logoELLY GRIMM • Leader & Times


Monday evening will prove busy for the USD 480 school board, with both a workshop and regular meeting scheduled for that night, both which will take place at the Education Services Center at 624 N. Grant. 

The workshop is scheduled for 5 p.m. and will concern discussion of performance contracting. 

“Energy Solutions Professionals’ team appreciates the opportunity to have been of service to USD 480. We view the Investment Grade Audit (IGA) as the technical and financial corner-stone for effective facility planning,” a memo in the agenda information noted. “The IGA for USD 480 was intended to identify all potential fast-payback energy-saving opportunities, and to evaluate much-needed facility upgrades. A primary goal of the audit was to identify energy saving opportunities which, if installed, would enable USD 480 to redirect funds from the utility company to investment in your students and facilities. The objective was to identify an economically viable approach to reducing operating costs, improve the learning environment, address critical infrastructure issues and positively impact the global environment. The measures recommended for inclusion in a comprehensive energy and facility improvement project would address all of these issues. Many audits tend to focus solely on energy, technical and financial parameters. However, we purposely take a more holistic view that includes understanding your needs and the concerns of your administration and board of education.”

The audit provides the basis from which decisions can be made which will impact your operating costs, comfort, and the environment for many years, the memo noted. 

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Win over Great Bend gives Lady Redskins WAC title

katiethumbsupKatie Horyna signals the play with a thumbs up Saturday during Homecoming in The Big House. Horyna scored 15 points in a 65-21 win over Great Bend. L&T photo/Earl Watt

The Lady Redskins won their third consecutive Western Athletic Conference title Saturday with  dominating 65-21 win over Great Bend on Homecoming in The Big House.

Machia Mullens scored 19 points, and Katie Horyna chipped in 15 in the blowout win.

Whitney Hay connected on four three pointers in the third quarter for 12 points, and Reagan Watt reached double digits with 10.

But it was the defense that disrupted the Lady Panthers all night, and turnovers turned into transition points for the Lady Redskins.

Mullens scored nine of her 19 points in the first quarter, and Horyna added a bucket to give the Lady Redskins an early 11-4 lead.

Horyna took over in the second quarter with transition baskets and drives through the lane for 11 points in the period.

By halftime, Liberal had a 28-10 lead, and Hay had the big third quarter, dropping three straight threes to mather her sister Reece who accomplished the same feat against Hays, and Whitney Hay added another three later in the period that was part of a 30-3 run, and the Class 6A No. 2 Lady Redskins took a 52-16 lead, enacting the running clock in the fourth quarter.

Coach Carter Kruger played the entire bench, and Halle Payton took advantage of her opportunity with a three to go along with a basket form Shatarrika Ross.

The Lady Redskins coasted to a 65-21 win to move to 6-0 in the Western Athletic Conference, enough to guarantee the WAC title remained in Liberal for another year.

“We played a solid game,” Kruger said. “We didn’t shoot it great in the first half, but in the second half our offense clicked and defensively we controlled them all night.”

Senior Kim Alarcon didn’t score, but she forced several turnovers and was crowned Homecoming Queen after the game.

“She’s a kid everybody loves,” Kruger said. “She brings energy, and she is a great teammate in every sport. She is the kind of kid you want to have on your team.”

The Lady Redskins moved to 18-0 with the win.

Syris Dunlap gets up in the air for a sho against Great Bend Saturday in The Big House. Dunlap scored [ ... ]

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Generation without a cause will create one

L&T Publisher Earl Watt


We are entering a period where our teenagers were born after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and growing up without a major conflict or cause, and with a twisted perspective on history, there is a strong movement to create a difference, whatever that difference may be.

Time after time we have heard references to World War II or to Adolph Hitler, but the references are hollow. Still, what is being compared to these show that a new generation wants to have a historical moment and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

While the youngest member of Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York City, may be the spokesperson for the Green New Deal, she is not the only one pushing it. She believes that fighting climate change requires “a new national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II.”

What these people miss is that the worldwide mobilization was against the same fascist tyranny they are espousing with heavy-handed government.

Between 70-85 million people were killed in a five-year period of World War II, and about 55 million of those were civilian casualties. Of those, 6 million Jews were killed because of their faith.

Nothing compares to that. Nothing.

Trying to equate today’s petty political differences to World War II shows how desperate these people are to push their agenda, to be a hero of something.

To convince people to follow their world view, Cortez claims that the world “only has 12 years left” to make changes or all is lost.