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June 19th, 2018
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Fin Fiona, win prizes

fionafairySpecial to the Leader & Times

The Liberal is Oz-Some Campaign Committee is sponsoring the Finding Fiona Contest that began Saturday and ends July 16.  You may pick up Fiona Bingo cards at any of the participating businesses below. Visit the businesses that are on your Bingo card, find Fiona in each of those businesses and have their staff mark your bingo card.  

When your card is blacked out, bring it to the Liberal Chamber office and enter it in the drawing that will take place on July 17. The Liberal is Oz-Some committee will give 20 lucky winners a $50 Chamber Gift Certificate.

Individuals may complete multiple cards, but only one card can be validated per business per visit.  Chamber office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

Participating businesses include Brown’s Furniture, Flooring America, Rapid Fit, Brown’s Shoe Fit, Flower Basket, Scantlin’s Furniture, Buckle, Foss Ford, Southern Office Supply, Celebration Nation, I.T. Guru, Southwest Fitness, Chrysler Corner, Jury, Farrar & Associates, Southwest Glass & Door, Classy Rack, Lewis Automotive, Staats Jewelers, Copper Pistol, Liberal Hearing Aid Center, Technology For All, Crazy House, Liberal Office Machines, Tucker Road Storage, El Kan Drug, Maurice’s, United Rentals, Optical 20/20 and United Wireless.

‘Brother White’ wll be shown at 9 p.m. at Light Park as a return of the Movie Ministry that Rex and [ ... ]


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The Focus on the Future Committee will meet at 12 noon Monday at the Rock Island [ ... ]


By ROBERT PIERCE Leader & Times

Seward County commissioners are expected to hear from Emergency [ ... ]


  The participants in the first session of the “Becoming a Mom” class hosted by the Seward County [ ... ]


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Tempers flare, Bee Jays hold off Broncos, 10-8

4 slides safely into thirdLiberal’s Blake Brewster slides safely into third base before El Dorado’s John Sorenson could apply the tag. Brewster was later thrown out trying to score, and Sorenson would later be tossed from the game for arguing about Brewster being called safe at third. L&T photo/Earl WattBy EARL WATT

Leader & Times

One lesson has been clear in the first half of the Bee Jays’ season — no lead is safe.

After being one strike away from a win against Hays Thursday only to see the Larks come away with a win, Liberal saw another late rally Friday from El Dorado.

But this time, the Bee Jays were able to score enough runs to prevent the Broncos from coming away with a victory in a 10-8 melee that included a dramatic home run for the Broncos, an late surge by the Bee Jays, and two ejections.

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China nervous about US/Taiwan relations


China Daily
June 13

Given the global significance of China-US relations, it is natural that they should be constantly in the spotlight. So it is not surprising that the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to China, which begins on Thursday, has grabbed worldwide attention. Especially as it comes just two days after the historic Singapore meeting between US President Donald Trump and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea top leader Kim Jong-un.
Aside from allowing them to compare notes on the summit and further coordinate their stances so that the current desirable momentum on the Korean Peninsula can continue, Pompeo’s visit also provides a good opportunity for Beijing and Washington to air their differences on a variety of bilateral issues such as trade, the South China Sea and Taiwan.
While the world’s two largest economies are now deep in negotiations on trade, seeking to avoid a trade war, the frictions between Beijing and Washington over the South China Sea and Taiwan keep sparking heated words.
Washington’s frequent sending of warships and warplanes to sensitive waters has drawn much ire from Beijing, which sees it as a provocation to its sovereignty and security. And the Trump administration’s growing penchant for playing the Taiwan card is also irking Beijing.
On Tuesday, Marie Royce, US assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, attended a ceremony in Taipei, which marks the unveiling of a new office complex for the American Institute in Taiwan, which has served as the US representative office after Washington severed “diplomatic ties” with the island in 1979.
The opening, together with the US’ new “Taiwan Travel Act”, shows Washington is now eying a bigger US presence on the island and using Taiwan as a linchpin in its overall containment strategy toward China. But what end is served by such a strategy? It is not good news for China-US ties, the US, or the world, since it only provokes more confrontation between the two sides.
Taiwan remains the most sensitive issue in China-US relations, and Washington should handle the issue with wisdom and dexterity.
Although it can’t be expected to resolve all the issues standing between the two countries, Pompeo’s visit signals that Beijing and Washington are committed to high-level communication to shore up ties. And as long as the two sides discuss their differences in good faith there is no reason why they should not find solid ground on which to do so.