May 27th, 2019
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Hornungs lay wreath at TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER

tomb of the unknownChuck and Connie Bowman, right, and Mike and Kelly Hornung take part in a ceremony placing a wreath made locally on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Courtesy photoROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


A piece of Liberal now resides in the nation’s capital at one of Washington D.C.’s more famous monuments to honor local veterans.

Chuck Bowman, director of Liberal’s Brenneman Funeral Home and president of the National Funeral Directors Association, recently had the honor of having a wreath representing local soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Bowman’s daughter, Kelly Hornung, who co-owns the funeral home with her husband, Mike, described what happened in early April as the local group brought the wreath down to the tomb.

“The four of us came down the stairs, and we presented the wreath,” she said. “The soldier helps you take the wreath up, place it, and you step back and they play ‘Taps.’”

Hornung said having the wreath at the tomb is a huge honor for veterans in the Liberal area.

“It’s part of Dad’s role at NFDA,” she said. “We just wanted people to know it was there for the veterans.”

Bowman said he had seen similar events to the one he and the Liberal group took part in last month.

“Other presidents have placed wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,” he said. “I was asked if I wanted to do that, if that’s something I wanted to happen. I said, ‘Absolutely.’”

Bowman’s father and father-in-law served in World War II, and his daughter, April Bowman, has served in the Air Force for 17 years. This is just part of Chuck’s connection to the military.

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Home Bee Jay games free in 2019

bee jay basicnewL&T staff report

All Bee Jay hoe games will be free again this season, thanks to local business sponsors.

Below is the home schedule and the sponsor providing free admission:


Date Opponent Sponsor

May 31 Kansas Cannons Brenneman Funeral Home

June 1 Kansas Cannons Windtree Management

June 1 Kansas Cannons KSCB

June 2 Kansas Cannons Equity Banks

June 17 Hays arks SW Roofing

June 18 Hays Larks Golden Plains Credit Union

June 19 Hays Larks Madden oil

June 20 Hays Larks OBGYN/Rapid Fit

June 22 Dodge City A’s Southern Pioneer Electric

June 24 US Military Billy’s Ayr Lanes

June 26 Dodge City A’s Ruffino’s Italian Restaurant

July 3 Dodge City A’s Foss Ford

July 4 Denver Cougars Community Bank/Ashley’s

July 5 Denver Cougars Technology For All

July 9 Boulder Collegians Sand Creek Pipeline

July 10 Boulder Collegians Yancey Crane

July 12 Cl. Outlaws Bank of Beaver City

July 13 Cl. Outlaws Apple Hutch/Sharp McQueen

July 14 Cl. Outlaws National Beef

July 15 Cl. Outlaws Liberal Kenworth

July 18 Dodge City A’s SW Medical Center

soccer awardsThe Lady Redskin soccer team finished with a winning record in the Western Athletic Conference [ ... ]

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GUEST COLUMN, Carrie Classon


My husband, Peter, is at war with a hummingbird. I try to explain to him the essential unfairness of this. The hummingbird has a brain smaller than the end of Peter’s finger.

 “This is a battle of wits!” Peter announced. I knew my money should be on Peter but I had my doubts. 

This particular hummingbird incurred Peter’s wrath when it chased away all the smaller, less aggressive hummingbirds leaving only this one, brightly colored bully at the feeder. I suggested to Peter that he might be getting a little too emotionally involved. But Peter has a story to accompany every animal we encounter (including the now-banished hummingbirds) and all these stories are, coincidently, tragic. 

“Did you see that coyote who is always by himself?” Peter asked me one morning. The coyotes are moving closer into town and it is no longer remarkable to see one strolling down the sidewalk. “His tail has almost no fur!” 

Peter waited for me to recognize the significance of this. When I did not immediately reply, he continued. “He has been rejected by his pack. Now he is wandering alone, trying again and again to rejoin his pack and each time getting beaten up and rejected again.”

“Maybe he just likes being alone,” I countered. “Maybe he’s a lone coyote.” Peter doesn’t believe me.