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October 17th, 2019
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Brack hopes to add USD 480 board to list of responsibilities

mike brackROBERT PIERCE • Leader & Times


Mike Brack has been involved in many things in the Liberal community, including Pancake Day, Community Concerts of Liberal and Rotary Club, as well as with his church, First Southern Baptist.

He currently manages the Days Inn, and he hopes to add another responsibility to his list in the coming weeks.

Brack is one of several candidates in the race for seats on the USD 480 Board of Education, and he said when he was considering running, it was not he who made the decision to throw his hat in the ring.

“With everything I do here in Liberal, whether it’s my job or church, the most important thing I think I can do is to start at the ground up, and that’s our kids because I really want to see Liberal succeed and flourish for many more generations,” he said. “There were several people in my life who encouraged me to do it. Some of them encouraged me to run for other positions in the community, but I think I can make more of an impact as a school board member.”

Brack filed to run prior to incumbents refiling for their seats, and he said had he known those existing USD 480 board members were going to seek re-election, he would not have been as motivated to run.

“I was approached about it long before the deadline,” he said. “I just kept thinking about it and visiting with people and getting opinions and voices of support. As it got closer to the deadline, there weren’t a lot of people running.”

Brack said there needs to be a contest for important positions such as those on the school board.

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Redskins knock off North in penalty kicks

  • soccerno10Liberal’s Estevan Dominguez gets by a Hays defender Oct. 3 at Redskin?Field. The Redskins traveled to Wichita Monday to face the North Redskins, and Liberal was able to come away with a victory in overtime penalty kicks. L&T photo/Earl WattSpecial to the Leader & Times

The Liberal Redskins battled the Wichita North Redskins in the North Cup tournament and came away with a win.

Liberal stayed aggressive and kept Wichita North scoreless ending first half 0-0. 

In the second half Liberal touched the ball well and continued to keep Wichita North scoreless. 

Levi Flores made two crucial saves to keep Liberal in the game and kept the score 0-0.

In tournament play, a tie moved to penalty kicks. 

Liberal scored on all five attempts with goals from Carlos Rodriguez, Estevan Dominguez, Yahir Salazar, Alfredo Moncayo and A.J. Ramirez.

Levi Flores only allowed three goals form North to secure the win.

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The kind of dog I am

THE POSTSCRIPT, Carrie Classon


When my husband, Peter, and I met, we each had a dog. 

Peter had a collie named “The Pretty Boy,” (Yes, “The” was part of his name) and I had a pound puppy, part golden retriever, part border collie mix named “Milo.” The Pretty Boy died shortly before we were married, about five years ago, and Milo died just over a year ago. 

We talk about getting a new dog, of course, but all the good reasons not to have a dog prevail. Extended travel — actually travel of any kind — is enormously complicated with a dog. So, for a year now, Peter and I have stuck to our guns and only for a moment here and there been seriously tempted. But this doesn’t mean we have stopped loving dogs. 

I see dogs every day, and I no longer even hesitate to interrupt some poor person’s walk to talk to their dog. I talk to the dog, and the dog lets me know if it is shy or finds me a little tedious or would prefer to keep walking or, in some cases, is really excited to meet me. 

Being less focused on my own dog and more aware of other dogs has given me a new appreciation for all the breeds of dogs I never noticed before. In the great universe of dogs, I no longer play favorites. And I think this is a good thing because, the more dogs I meet, the less difference I see between dogs and people. 

This got me wondering what kind of dog I am. 

Naturally, in the past, I assumed I was a lot like the dog I owned. I imagined I was sort of a golden retriever mix. I was a cool dog, a chill dog. I was mellow and relaxed and, if something out of the ordinary occurred, I would tilt my head slightly in bemusement. 

I am actually nothing at all like this.